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Releasing Your Inner Child

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

As adults, it’s hard to play. We have so many responsibilities pulling us in many different ways. It’s hard to let go and just have fun, but we all can if we just try.

When we were children it was easier to play, we didn’t have a care in the world or all the responsibilities we now have as adults. We could let go and disappear into a world of playtime, of make-believe, of fun and laughs, but now we’re not children and it’s more difficult.

Why is it more difficult? Well, we don’t have the time, we have too much work to do, we have to cook dinner, we are too tired, we had a bad day, we have to pay the bills, and the list goes on. We have so many excuses as to why it’s more difficult, but that’s just what they are, excuses. In other words, we have created for ourselves a limiting mindset that as adults, we can’t just play anymore.

I have one word for this. Nonsense! This mindset that we can no longer have fun, that we can no longer play, that we have too many responsibilities now as adults to act like children is pure nonsense. We CAN play, we CAN have fun, we CAN laugh, we CAN act like children, we just have to let go and do it.

We still have that childlike imagination inside, we still have that childlike desire to have fun, to laugh, to play. So why don’t many of us just let go and do it? One simple reason and that’s guilt. We feel guilty when we act like a child. Why? We have been taught to feel that way. Unfortunately throughout our life, we get taught by many different sources, that once we grow up, playtime is over, we have to be responsible, and being responsible equals no more fun-time.

Well, that’s simply not true. We can allow ourselves to enjoy life, to laugh, to have fun, to play. We can choose to let our inner child out, and when we do, this will create memories that we will cherish in our life.

Not only do we create wonderful memories when we do this, but we are also doing something very healthy for ourselves. See when we play, we release endorphins that help us to relax after a long day which in turn lowers our stress level.

So Release Your Inner Child. Laugh, play, have fun, and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel.

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