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Our Language Defines Our Reality

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Our language is not only used to communicate with each other, but our language also defines our reality. Yes, it’s true. The language we use has a powerful influence on what becomes our reality.

Many who have gone before us knew this to be true. Incredible and influential people like Thomas Edison who once said after inventing the light bulb, ‘I didn’t fail 1000 times, the light bulb was invented with 1000 steps’, or Benjamin Franklin who once said, ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’, and also Henry Ford who said, ‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.’

These are just a few who understood the power and influence that language had on their own reality.

Have you ever noticed at times, looking for something, where you said to yourself, I don’t see it, I can’t find it, and after repeating that over and over you realize you couldn’t see the object or find it? Then someone comes in behind you and reaches in the cabinet, or the refrigerator, and immediately pulls out that very object. It was your own words you were speaking to yourself, that defined, and even created, your reality at that moment.

As another example, I am sure that I can make you think about something just with a few words. In NLP words are used in many techniques to break harmful and self-sabotaging patterns, or as some refer to as learned behavior, even negative beliefs. See in this reference: NLP Secrets by Pete Casale

So here’s the example I mentioned earlier. I Don’t want you to think at all, especially for the rest of this day, about a Big Blue Cow. Ok, what just happened, were you able to resist the thought? If you were, then you have a will power better than I do.

Here’s what happens. When I spoke the words don’t think at all, the subconscious processes in pictures from the words spoken. So what the subconscious actually takes in is to think all about this for the rest of the day about that Big Blue Cow.

That’s how powerful our words are. Another technique that can be used is to speak positive affirmations over ourselves or about a situation. An example of this would be to speak I can do this, regarding a specific fear you might have. Say you were going to give a speech on a certain topic and you were scared to death to get up in front of everyone for fear of being laughed at, or even ridiculed. By start speaking the simple words I can do this, I speak fluently and easily and with confidence. Repeating this affirmation over and over, your mind hears this and believes it to be the truth, and then after having prepared for your topic, when you get up in front of the group you realize the fear subsided and you are speaking fluently and easily as well as with confidence.

So I encourage you to pay attention to your language. Notice the words you speak to and about yourself. If you realize that when you make mistakes you immediately call yourself stupid, then stop. If you realize that you often speak out things like I can’t or I’m not capable of doing that, then stop.

Start reprogramming your language today to start redefining your reality. Realize that you are a wonderful and unique individual and you are capable of doing great things.

You and I are no different than any of the influential people I mentioned before. The only difference is they understood to control their own language so that their reality would be great.

So let’s start to speak as they did and let our language define a great reality for us well.

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