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We often hear the phrase ‘How can we get from A to B’, but what exactly is that phrase saying and then just how do we get from A to B. That phrase is simply saying, how can we get from where we are at the present to where we really want to be in life.

Many times we often get stuck in life, and when we do, we just want to get from that point where we are stuck to the point we really want to be. As a musician, it’s songs and music that often inspire me, as well as speak to my heart and even answer some of my questions. There is one song that immediately comes to my mind that I would hear every year as a kid.

‘Put One Foot In Front Of The Other’ is the song that I would hear year after year growing up. It was a song that was in the Rankin-Bass Classic Christmas Special “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.” This song says it in a nutshell. If we want to get from point A to point B, whatever that might be, whether it’s getting from a job that we don’t want to a job we do, or starting that business we always wanted to start, or even changing things about us that we want to change, it all starts with that first step.

I’ll give you a personal example. I have wanted to write since I was just out of high-school but I never pursued it. There were three reasons why. 1) I really didn’t believe that I could write something anyone really wanted to read. 2) I wasn’t sure how to get my writings published. 3) Fear was standing in the way. Now moving forward, I have three published books and have also received positive feedback from many people I’ve passed my writings to.

I had to take that first step myself just like everyone else. There’s an exercise I learned from author and speaker Louise Hays I like to call ‘Mirror Talk.’ Here’s how you do this. You simply stand in front of the mirror every morning and tell yourself what you want to see about yourself.

Here’s an example. If you have trouble accepting yourself, stand in front of the mirror and look right into your own eyes and with all the true emotions you can muster say “I Love And Accept You.” Now you are going to feel ridiculous and even stupid doing this at times, but over the course of time, you will feel a shift inside your heart and soul and you will be able to truly love and accept yourself.

If you want to become a writer you might say, “I can write my book”. If you want to be an entrepreneur you might say, “I can start my business”. This exercise will help to build any self-confidence you might need to start your dream. This is a type of step.

Another type of step that you can take is to dig for and get the information you need to do what you are wanting to do. In my case, I researched until I found the answers on as many aspects of writing a book and getting it published that I could. As I said earlier I’m a musician also, so I also did this when I wanted to find out how to create my CDs.

Then the hardest step you will take is to push against the fear that stands in your way and take action. Take action with what you have learned through all the research. The fear is going to tell you all kinds of negative things to keep you from taking action. Don’t listen to those negative thoughts and take action with what you have learned.

So that is how to get from your ‘A to B’ in whatever your scenario might be. Don’t allow doubt or lack of confidence stop you, take a step, and use the Mirror Talk exercise. Don’t allow a lack of knowledge to stop you, research for the information you need to get started. Then take action on what you learned in your research.

The other thing we all need to remember as we take our steps towards our dreams and goals is that it is a process, and might take a little time. Don’t rush it and don’t get frustrated and quit. Keep taking those steps and you will get to where you want to go. I did.

You are capable of great things, just quit telling yourself ‘I Can’t’ and start telling yourself ‘I CAN’ and take that first step.

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